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Civil Litigations Paralegal Services began serving clients in 1996.  That is more than twenty-five (25) years of experience of helping people with Small Claims Court cases and Landlord Tenant Board hearings.  Now, with virtual hearings taking place by webcam, Civil Litigations Paralegal Services is now able to serve clients throughout Ontario.

Civil Litigations Paralegal Services are professionals highly experienced in Small Claims Court litigation and Landlord Tenant Board representation.  The Civil Litigations Paralegal Services firm also offers judgment enforcement services.

Civil Litigations Paralegal Services is regulated and licensed by the Law Society of Ontario to provide paralegal services in Ontario.

Marshall Yarmus

Marshall Yarmus

Proprietor Paralegal

Phone: (416) 229-1479
Email: marshall@civilparalegal.com

Marshall Yarmus is a former Vice-President of both the Paralegal Society of Ontario and the Paralegal Society of Canada.  Marshall has written extensively on paralegal related issues and remains a strong advocate for paralegal and consumer rights.

In 2007, when the Law Society started to regulate paralegals in Ontario, the Law Society failed to undertake a study of what services paralegals should be able to offer the public.  Instead, the Law Society decided to ban paralegals from offering any form of family law related services.  This is an area that many paralegals previously offered to the public – legally – for years.  Family law is also an area where there is a high level of unrepresented people in the courts, who without any fault, are unable to afford a lawyer and would benefit greatly from the assistance of a paralegal.  In May 2010, Marshall led a group of paralegals who put forth a Motion at the Annual General Meeting of the Law Society of Upper Canada (now Law Society of Ontario).  The Motion sought that the Law Society review the permitted paralegal areas of practice with a look at expanding services available to you - the public.  The Motion also requested that the Law Society review education standards and other barriers to paralegals offering family law services.

Marshall Yarmus is a proud member of the Ontario Paralegal Association.

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